About Us

Law Office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

VASAN LAW FIRM is a company made up of a group of seasoned lawyers and advisers. It specializes in providing quality legal services in the areas of Law, with headquarters in Santo Domingo.

Our firm puts at your disposal an effective legal team at your service. We combine knowledge and experience, with a strong care for the needs of each of our clients.

We are a company focused on obtaining the best results for our clients. We bring our extensive experience in civil law, commercial transactions, business litigation, legalization of documents and many other services. Each of our processes encompass the values ​​of responsibility, transparency, ethics and confidentiality.
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Our Business Path

We have served hundreds of clients since our establishment as a law firm. And in the same way, our portfolio of clients continues to grow, thanks to the fact that we work based on our mission and we fulfill our agreements with precision.

Today, VASAN LAW FIRM is a brand that is making itself known in a very positive way, and which is deservedly recognized for its excellent value for price-quality.

We care about giving the best of ourselves in each project or work that we carry out. Our main challenge is to ensure that the client has the best experience in legal services, and that he or she can obtain the best possible benefit.

Our flexibility to adapt to current needs and changes, since our beginings, has been a constant that differentiates us from other similar companies. We also stand out for encouraging our staff every day with the goal of serving with more confidence, dynamism and loyalty.


Our Law Firm is established with a clear purpose: to offer the best services and legal advice in the country.


We have combined experience with innovative legal and process management techniques.


We provide innovative solutions tailored to each client of our Law Firm.

Reasons for choosing the attorneys at VASAN LAW FIRM.

There are many reasons why we consider that our lawyer service is the most suitable for you, among these we can highlight the following:

Specialized advice

We are highly specialized in each of the areas in which we work. Therefore, quality and good results go hand in hand with us.

Use of technologies

We adapt to technological advances to always be at the forefront, and thus achieve the best legal results for our clients.

Hundreds of satisfied customers

We have a large portfolio of success stories, in which satisfied companies as well as organizations and people stand out.

Discipline and dedication

VASAN LAW FIRM works with discipline and dedication to resolve each of the projects or legal issues that come to our offices.

Testimonials from some clients

“At VASAN LAW FIRM they did an excellent job for both me and my company. Everything turned out as expected. Thanks for taking the time to help me!"
Ricardo Valdez
“You are very skilled, fast and transparent in handling legal cases. My experience with you has been satisfactory. You have my trust and recommendation."
Estefanía Polanco
“VASAN LAW FIRM has a highly qualified team. They answered all my questions and worked with my documents in an outstanding way."
Julio Sánchez